iMovr+eureka i1 standing desk review

iMovr+eureka i1 standing desk

Since standing desks became the go-to companion for productivity in the workplace, it has become something that people want to get their hands on. iMovR+Eureka i1 is one of those desks that you hear people talk and rave about, and after I got my hands on one, I could see what the fuss was about. Apart from the design and functionality, we’ll discuss, it was the large corporations using the desk that sold me. With clients such as the U. S Air Force, Johns Hopkins, HBO, and Cisco, I was sure that iMovR+Eureka i1 had cracked something various companies had not.

Now let’s get into the various characteristics of this standing desk and what makes it a likely ideal companion for your workplace and home needs.

Features of the iMovR+Eureka i1 standing desk

The iMovr+eureka i1 standing desk standing is by Eureka Ergonomics, and the immediate thing you notice is the large surface area. Other aspects include a seven-button memory setting, four programmable memory presets, a three-digital display controller along with gold plated connections. The desk construction meets high standards, which is not what you can say for a lot of imports in the market.

The secret behind this constant mark of quality is that for every newly designed product, Eureka creates an advanced robotic manufacturing line to make the product. That way, you’ve assured all factors a constant, and you end up getting fantastic final products each time. It’s also worth noting that the company creates most of its components in-house and thus always in charge of the excellence that each piece is meant to have.

Now let’s get into the specifics.

iMovr+eureka i1 standing desk precision height adjustments

Some standing desks tend to be problematic when it comes to adjusting the heights. It often feels that you have to get everything off the surface because of the jerky motions when the levels are changing. This standing desk is different. They have what they call the i1 that has a slow start and stop. Thus, during the adjustment process, the standing desk remains steady.

There’s also a hand controller that allows you to select up to four height preferences during the digital display. That makes the desk ideal for home use if you’re sharing the workspace. You can each have two settings, one for when you’re standing and the other for when you need to sit down. For those who work in heals one day and flats the next, these height preferences make life convenient. Overall, seven-button operations also include the up and down buttons.

iMovr+eureka i1 standing desk anti-collision sensor

If you have a tight workspace, then this is one feature you’re sure to appreciate. When you’re making height changes, you don’t have to worry about the standing desk colliding with a rolling cart, the computer tower, the printer, or any accessories that you have around. That’s all thanks to the anti-collision sensor that the company has put in place on the iMovR+Eureka i1 standing desk.

There is quite a lot of safety components that also come with this standing desk. They include anti-pinch protection, anti-tilt protection, motor overload, and open circuit protection, overheat protection, and of course, the slow start-stop that keeps everything on your desk in place when movement is happening. If there’s a problem with the motor, you’re also confident the fault, stall or overheat protection will kick in. Same thing if you have a low voltage.

Operating the desk

An additional aspect I appreciate about this iMovr+eureka i1 standing desk is how quiet it is when you’re making adjustments. That’s something important when you’re in the workplace as you don’t want to distract your workmates when you’re shifting from sitting to standing or vice versa. Two whisper-quiet motors power the movement. They also increase the durability and stability of the desk itself, even with repeated use. As per the website, the noise is reduced to up to 45db.

The iMovr+eureka i1 standing desk weight capacity is 154lb. There is also what the company refers to as the multi-function control box. Its purpose is to ensure that there’s the perfect balance when you’re raising or lowering the desk. It also makes sure that the height adjustment is even, along with as there is no shaking when movement is taking place.

Additional features and accessories

You can get this desk in two colors, black, and cherry. That’s not quite a diverse selection as compared to other brands in the market. Even so, you can’t go wrong with these two classic colors. Let’s look at what else you require to have a fully functioning workstation.

Arm monitor: When you’re purchasing the iMovr+eureka i1 standing desk, there’s the fact that you’ll need to choose a monitor arm. The reason why that’s important is that the best ergonomics dictate that you always keep your monitors at the proper distance, height, and angles when using them.

The fantastic thing about monitor arms is they make moving monitors easy. Whether you’re seated or standing, you can always find the perfect position for you. With that, you’re guaranteed that you won’t stare at your neck or eyes when using the monitor. When you’re comfortable, productivity flows a lot better than when you’re struggling. Do remember to check out their guide for selecting the right monitor arm since one size doesn’t fit all.

Keyboard tray: There are additional accessories that you can get, including a trackless keyboard tray. It is something you may want to get since it is an essential part of an ergonomic workstation. It has a 15-degree tilt, which makes your typing experience strain-free. If you’re continually typing away, then it is indeed something that you need.

Standing mat: Of course, you do not want to purchase a standing desk without having a standing mat. It is what dictates your comfort and even for how long you’ll remain standing. iMovR offers anti-fatigue standing mats that reduce strain on your feet, legs, and back, allowing you to stand for more hours comfortably. The ones they offer are made from 100 percent polyurethane material. It is also to maintain its bounce and not curl up on the edges. Their mats are entirely recyclable, and you even get a five-year full-performance warranty. If you already have a standing desk and no mat, I highly recommend that you purchase one of these; your body will thank you.

Cable organizer: You can keep your desk organized and cables safe using their cable management kit. They are easy to install, and they are flexible enough so you can tweak them according to your needs. Those performing more heavy-duty work at their desk can think about getting the advanced kit that has a seven-outlet surge protector along with a 12′ long cord and a 24″ cable trough. It can hold the long cord along with other cable bundles.

Given how long the cable is, you can be as close or far from the wall outlet as you want. You should, however, ensure that once the surge protector is in the trough, it can accommodate the top height of your desk. Either way, you have the freedom to place your standing desk where you see best within any given room you’re in.

Executive Packaging: When it comes to delivering the desk to you, iMovR has done it right. For starters, everything arrives in one package and not several as with other companies. The packaging is also sturdy, so you’re assured no damage will be done on the standing desk. Everything is contained in a form package with the box, so no amount of hits or bumps will cause the desk to have a problem. Even with these measures, you’ll find that the parcel is lightweight. It also comes with a manual that lets you build the deck with minimal frustration.

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Final thoughts

The standing desk goes for $399, and for that price, the features you’re getting are quite impressive. Even when you look at the other iMovR standing desks, you can see that they’ve put a lot of thought into making this standing desk. While we would prefer to have a wider variety of colors and designs, for the dollar you’re paying for it, it’s not bad at all.

When you look around online platforms, you’ll find that the iMovR+Eureka i1 has favorable customer reviews. That’s because even with extensive use, you’re still confident that you’re using a reliable product. Perhaps one reason for that is the collaboration with Eureka Ergonomics, who have shown to produce quality products at different price levels.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a standing desk within the $400 price range, then you can consider getting the iMovR+Eureka i1. You’re getting a product from a company that also has a proven track record of producing the right products and selling to large corporations.

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