iMovR vs. VariDesk

For decades, people have been conditions to sit at the desk for long hours. It was considered the only way to get things done, but emerging data is showing us the perils of this kind of working environment. Organizations such as The American Medical Association have classified what they refer to as the “sitting disease” as the number one cause of preventable death, outranking smoking.

It is with this emerging information that people have transformed how they work. That is why, over the past few years, sitting desks have increased in popularity. More people want to escape the hours of sitting that leaves them feeling exhausted at the end of the day. More so, they want to embrace healthier work habits that also foster productivity.

In this article, we are going to look at two companies that are working to put more sitting desks out to customers: iMorV and Varidesk. There are a ton of them, but these two, in particular, have been notable in the type and quality of standing desks they produce. We’ll look at who they are and what they offer, leaving you to make an informed decision about what brand to purchase from. Let’s get started.

About iMovR

iMovR has been in existence since 2013, working to enable workers to spend less time sitting and more time standing or walking and still get work done. They have an array of standing desks along with stand-sit converters, meeting tables, and treadmill desks. The company also makes ergonomic accessories to go with these items that ensure maximum employee health and productivity.

When purchasing from the brand, you get to work with their team of five-star rated ergonomics experts. They advise you on what their right office solutions for you are, allowing you to purchase something that suits you perfectly. You’ll also be joining their customer list that includes government, corporates, and educational institutions. Another service that the company offers is mass-customizations of workstations that meet company and employee needs. It can be whatever you need; décor and space matching or ergonomic accommodation, all the while working with any budget constraints you might have.

With that in mind, it is no wonder that anything you get from them is customized as per your specifications. They don’t make bulk furniture but will give you an office solution and have it shipped to you on five business days. It’s not only for organizations; individuals too have access to their limitless selection of workstation sizes, shapes, and colors, all available at low prices. With all this, you work with a team of office fitness and ergonomic experts that work to upgrade aspects that benefit the employee continually. Microsoft, Google, LinkedIn, and Stanford University are a few of their clients.

iMovR standing desks

The standing desks that iMovR make meet state-of-the-art ergonomic design and also give you countless configurable options. All the desks are sleek and have 3D laminated tabletops and build-to-order. Additionally, there are office desks to accommodate any size office and to suit individual budgets. Whatever your application, décor, and square footage, you can get something that’s right for you. To get started, look at their catalog to view their desk office lines.

Other aspects of the iMovR standing desks that are worth noting include their SteadyType keyboard tray. When you select a desk that offers this, you’re assured of having a comfortable typing experience while standing. You, therefore, you won’t have to worry about aching wrists when you’re working while standing. It is these small details that make this brand one that you’d want to purchase from. If you want something even more tailored to you, you can make your DIY standing desk. You only need to purchase their base and work to make your own tabletop. The bases do indeed accommodate people of all heights. Don’t want to make a tabletop? They also have DIY tabletops that you purchase and use.

If you want to take your office space up a notch, you can opt for their L-shaped or corner desks that are all the craze right now. They give you plenty of room to work, especially when using more than one monitor and still need space for your paperwork. What’s all the more impressive is you get the benefits of an L-shaped desk and use it while standing. Again, you can choose from the various shapes and sizes that iMovR offers to get something that perfectly fits your workspace.


VariDesk, currently only called Vari, is a workspace innovation company that aids growing organizations unlock the potential of both the space and people. Their overall aim is to make workspaces healthier and more productive, which results in happier people. Vari products are used in organizations all over the world, including, as per the company website, 98 percent of the Fortune 500 companies. They also have awards to show for their innovation and excellence.

The company’s first standing desk got created for a colleague that needed to work while standing to relieve his back pain. The sit-stand desk converter was popular to the point that it set the industry standard and inspired the creation of active workspace products. From there, based on what the customers were asking for, Vari began making office furniture that exemplified simplicity and quality, all the while being affordable.

While the company still makes its award-winning standing desks and converters, they also offer services in space planning and design. The company also makes adaptable furniture and can furnish an entire office. If you’re looking to build your office from scratch or renovate, you can reach out to them to help you plan and bring your vision to life.

Even with that, the company’s mission is simple. They create high-end office furniture that meets the needs of companies that are continually expanding. Since everything they make is easy to reconfigure, you can adjust the layout to suit your needs. That way, instead of having to start from scratch, you can use what you have and thus saving you time and money. This same adaptive nature also allows people to work as they please. In just 28 days, you can get a brand-new workspace with free planning and installation included where applicable.

Vari Standing Desk

With Vari, working from home has become a whole lot easier and affordable. They have a collection of sit-stand converters, standing desks, and other accessories. The great thing about the company is that they have a quiz that you can take on their website to establish which standing desk is ideal for you. They ask questions such as your height and if you want to replace your desk. After, they provide you with suggestions for what sit-stand desks will suit you best.

Overall, their line of desktop converters has indeed set an industry standard and thus inspiring other products in the market. What keeps Vari ahead of their competitors is the quality and customer service they provide their clients. Also, with every product and accessory you purchase, you know it’s been tested and certified that it meets industry standards of durability and safety.

Some of their best-selling standing desks are the VariDesk Pro Plus, the Electric Standing Desk, and the VariDesk Cube Corner. Whichever one you choose, when you get it out of the box, you can assemble it in minutes. There are also quite a few options provided with each standing desk. For example, you can choose your finish of choice, which includes dark wood, maple, black, reclaimed wood, or white. If you want to narrow your search further, you can insert how much you want to spend and the seating capacity in the filters.

With the variety of desks they have, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re in the workplace or at home, you can find something ideal for you. If you have kids, they too can have access to a desk that will suit them. In general, those looking to create a whole office either at work or at home they can get what they need all in once place.

Wrap up

Both companies have their strengths, showing that they can give clients what they want. The primary purpose of each is promoting health and productivity in the workplace. Each company also has awards and an impressive client list, which lets you know that you’re purchasing products from top-tier companies. The difference between the two is that iMovR is more oriented toward tailor-made standing desk solutions while Vari looks into creating a whole new space for you.

While these two companies are competitors, you’re assured that you can get something right for you. It could be customized under iMovR or off the shelf from Vari, but either way, you’re guaranteed quality.

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