iMovR Energize Standing Desk 2020 Review

imovr energize standing desk

iMovR Energize Standing Desk

Over the years, sitting down at my desk brought a few problems. The office chairs were hardly comfortable, and at the end of the day, I was stiff, my back hurt, and it felt that there was a weight on my shoulders. It wasn’t practical for me to purchase a new office chair- that was my employer’s responsibility. As a result, I suffered on for a couple more years.

About two years ago, my life changed and having toddlers pushed me to take the leap and become a freelancer. I managed to set up an office in the corner of the living room and with it a chair that dented my pocket. After all, it was worth it, or so I thought. Sure, it was a lot more comfortable than what I left behind, but I still felt that my body was suffering even though I wasn’t seated for as long. A few weeks in, I stumbled upon a video of an upscale company that encouraged its employees to work while standing.

A couple of scientific articles later, I was sold on the idea of getting a standing desk. Of course, there was quite a variety in the market, and one such product I ended up trying out for my home office was a standing desk from iMovR. Thus, in this review, we are going to look at the iMovR Energize standing desk . I shall be talking about the features you can expect to find and then give my feedback on whether or not it’s a worthwhile product to purchase. Let’s dive in!

Features of the iMovR Energize standing desk

The iMovR Energize Standing Desk  is considered the most configurable desk there is in the world. The American made standing desk boasts state-of-the-art robotic manufacturing techniques in how they get the desk to work. All the components are precision-crafted as well. With that summary in mind, let’s explore further.

imovr energize standing desk

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Advanced manufacturing technology

The iMovR Energize standing desk is made from quality material that is put together to ensure high performance. The cost of the desk itself is competitive, but that’s because of the advanced -technology they use to make it. As mentioned, they have a precision robotic based production as well as a tablet top construction uniquely made to provide durability.

Something else you’ll notice about the iMovR Energize standing desk is that it has an above-average height rage. Additionally, it has a higher lift capacity and also transit speed. What makes this stand up desk different from the rest is the Freedom™ Base. It is made using robotic automation techniques so that there give you a high precision tolerance. What does that mean? When you’re using it, you’ll notice that it has incredible stability, and also making adjustments to suit your height is seamless.

I notice this smooth transition most when sharing the workspace with my partner or on days I have heals on. Sometimes I have to make last-minute adjustments before heading out to meet a client. The transit speed of the base is 1.5 inches per second. The motors are quiet, so you’re not irritated by the moving parts. The standard feature on the bottom is electronic anti-collision detection.

All the base components of the iMovR Energize standing desk are backed with a 10-year warranty. What you’ll notice is that iMovR  give you a quality product that competes with imports made from lower quality construction. It is this aspect that makes them quite the competitor in the market. Something else that will make you look at this American brand before opting for others is that despite being labeled as being able to carry 265lbs, it has a higher weight rating.

Again, this goes back to the Freedom™ Base. It’s made so that it can tolerate weight well for easy operation. The legs are also scratch-free, and it doesn’t slide when I lean in on either one of the two monitors I use. As for making the adjustments, it is relatively easy. There is a digital LCD controller that shows the desk height in either inches or centimeters (something that people in European countries will appreciate). There are also UP and DOWN buttons with height memory buttons. All I have to do is press a button, and it goes to my seating or standing height adjustments.

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Built on order

iMovR hardly every has any inventory in their facilities. That’s because the various desks are created based on the demands that come in. For example, there are two Freedom™ Base versions. There is the standard base that has two-segment legs and the height range is 24.7” and 42.8”. The other one is the Freedom XT, which has three-segment legs. The height range is between 20.3” to 46.6” inches. My husband is 5’11” foot tall, and therefore, we need to get the latter so that he can also get to use the station to check his work emails from time to time. If you’re taller than 6’2” then you can get a 6” height extender.

The color options available are silver, black, or white. That is what goes into part of your customization. We have a modern living room, so we opted for white. Something I also read about when checking out the desk that it is ANSI/BIFMA certified. Otherwise, both of them ae UL962/CSA 68 Certified. What do all these words mean? ANSI is an accredited standard developed by the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA). They are a not-for-profit organization that serves North American furniture manufacturers. The ANSI standards cover performance and safety, and companies adopt them voluntarily. Even so, some of their parts are manufactured in Europe.

Super configurable standing desk

Globally, iMovR consider themselves as having the most configurable standing desk in the world. When combined with their Cascade Standing desk, this line of standing desks has over 3,400 desk configurations. There is also quite an array of optional desk shapes, colors, and sizes that serve as part of the mass customization production process.

When you look at the iMovR Energize standing, it has two separate depts, corner shapes, three base options that you can select, and even height extenders. In short, you’re at liberty to make the desk of your dreams. That means that you can piece together all the components that you want and need to get something tailors just for you. Given that I was the one using the desk the most, I had the freedom to customize it to my taste while keeping in mind the theme of the room the desk is in.

Getting the desk being actualized means it gets made in a plant in Michigan. Sure, they did have the pre-assembly and testing for those who wanted to get a desk ready to go, but if there was the option of purchasing something that suits me, I wanted to go for it. That’s a preference; if you do need a desk ASAP, you can order from them immediately.

Now, let’s talk about the tabletop options; you are quite literally spoilt for choice. You can get the width, thickness, and depths that you need. As for the colors, you can pick something that suits your tastes out of the 16 available colors. Even with that, there’s the tricky part- selecting from the hundreds of desktops types they have. Before you get lost, it helps to have looked online for other kinds that you prefer. That way, you can narrow down what you want without getting lost for hours.

What’s common about all the tabletops that you get is that they are ergo contoured and then hermetically sealed with 3D lamination. With this kind of technology, you don’t have to worry about wear and tear.

The other aspect worth mentioning is the option of getting a mounted power socket. I didn’t get that option at the time, but it would be nice to have a charging AC outlet and USB ports on the tabletop. It saves you the option of having to look for an extension cable to charge and power your gadgets. There are also the ergonomic monitor arms that make moving your monitors around super easy, no matter that position you’re in with relation to the desk. Of course, there’s the keyboard tray that’s been made to make your work super straightforward.

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Final thoughts

One thing I liked about the iMovR Energize standing desk is just how much you’re able to customize our desk. It can meet the requirements that you want, not only in terms of comfort but also style. Again, from the website, you’ll quickly learn why this brand is worth all the rave. HBA, Phillips Health, Cisco, YMCA, and John Hopkins or only a few of the brands who are their customers. The price point might be somewhat high for some people and the overall design feels flawed in some areas, but when you see what you’re getting out of it, it’s worthwhile.

If you’re working from home or looking to up your productivity in the workplace, then consider getting this standing desk. Remember to pair it with the right knowledge on how to use the desk and other accessories, such as a standing mat for a more enhanced experience.


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