How to blend frozen fruit

How to blend frozen fruit

In this article, we are answering some of the frequent questions people ask about how to blend frozen fruit, the type of blender to use for frozen fruit smoothies and also other things to do with frozen fruit besides smoothies.

Blenders have today become an essential addition to kitchen appliances. The number of things you can do with modern blenders is expansive. You can make your favorite glass of margarita, frappuccino, frozen fruits or make a shake for your workouts.

Most people will add frozen fruit to their smoothies due to the vitamin and mineral content that fruits contain. This necessitates a high powered blender that is capable of crushing through the ice without overheating or leaving large chunks of ice. The blades also have to be made from strong materials like stainless steel to enable them grind into the icy fruits.

While fruits are an essential component for our diets, they tend to be expensive and are perishable. This means the only way to have a considerable amount of fruits is to have them in a frozen state. The benefits of frozen fruit are that you will find them all year round. Just shop for them and store them into your freezer.

How to blend frozen fruit

Frozen fruit is packaged the moment it is harvested. This means it can last longer while still retaining its nutritional content. There is nothing as refreshing as enjoying a cold glass of a fruit smoothie during summer. The blender allows you to mix a variety of ingredients while adjusting the texture to meet your own unique needs. If you want a more thicker texture just add more yoghurt or you can lighten the mixture with water or milk. The variety of drinks you can make with frozen fruit is very diverse.

Adding your ingredients

When you are blending frozen fruits it is paramount that you add the ingredients in the right order. Frozen fruit is often added as the last ingredient. This is because if you have your order wrong you will end up with the ice or frozen fruit been stuck in the blender blades. Adding the ice and frozen fruit last also prevents you from trying unclog your blades with a spatula.

If you are making a smoothie, begin by adding your yogurt, milk, water, or juice. Next, add some of your normal fresh diced fruits like the mangoes or strawberries. Once done, add your ice cubes or frozen fruit last.

Mixture ratio

While there is no defined mixture ratio, the rule is to ensure that your liquids cover your frozen fruit. The purpose of this is to prevent your liquids from been frozen into ice by the frozen fruit. If you are using a bowl then the liquids should completely submerge your frozen fruit. If you do not follow the right order or mixture you will end up with thick solids at the bottom of your pitcher with all the other ingredients untouched at the bottom.

Type of blender

When it comes to blending frozen fruit it is all about the blender. While any kind of blender will do when it comes to normal fresh fruit for the frozen ones you need a blender with a powerful motor and strong blades. If you have a less than powerful blender then you will have to blend in small batches while ensuring there is a considerable amount of liquid in the mixture.

The best blenders for frozen fruit tend to have motors running on more than 1000 watts. They also come with stainless steel blades that can easily cut into the size – the more the blades the better. You should also choose a blender that comes with variable speed options. This allows you to adjust the motor speed depending on the type of ingredients.

Allow your frozen fruits to thaw

While frozen fruits opens you up to a variety of smoothies it can be a challenge if you do not have the right blender. One way to overcome this, is to first thaw your fruits before putting them into your blender. The benefits of thawing your frozen fruit include the fact that you can carry it around while traveling and just blend your mixture in your convenience.

While there is no perfect smoothie, the idea is to try out various mixtures until you uncover one you like. Your smoothie should have the right amount of vitamins, minerals, fibers, healthy fats and liquids to not only quench your thirst but provide the right nutrients for your body. Ice is ideal as it helps create the right texture and consistency for your mixture. It also cools your body during warm seasons.

If you are looking for a more creamy texture for your frozen fruit, add some yogurt, plant-based milk, juices and then mix them with some vegetables. You can also add some whole nuts, oats or seeds for more consistency. You can go ahead to blend frozen yogurts or frozen desserts.

If you do not have frozen fruit for your smoothies then other option is to use ice. This enables your smoothie to be thick and frosty.

Other things to do with frozen fruits besides smoothies

You can add your frozen fruit to your lemonades and eat it as it thaws. Most kids enjoy letting the frozen fruit thaw in their mouths during summer. You can also try it out in your pancakes, sangrias, punches and even teas.

In some regions where peach barbecue sauce is common, the residents will add the frozen peaches directly. If you have a boring vegetable salad, you can add some frozen fruit into it to balance out the sourness. Frozen raspberries are ideal for this. The use of frozen fruit also extends to cakes and pies.


Frozen fruits come with a considerable amount of vitamins and minerals essential for proper body growth. They are a great addition to a smoothie as they help improve its texture and consistency. Having the right blender with the right amount of power is the first step in blending frozen fruit.

The next most crucial step is the order in which you mix the ingredients. Remember to place the liquids first while ensuring the liquid actually covers the frozen fruit in a bowl. The frozen fruit should come last when blending. It is also prudent to allow it to thaw a bit before blending.


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