5 Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair – Buying Guide

Running your hands over soft furry pets is amazing. But cleaning pet hair is one of the toughest jobs for vacuum cleaners – especially if you have big shedders having long hairs.

Do You Know?

Dogs are 15 times more hairy than humans. On an average we have less than 1000 hairs on every square inch of our body surface. Whereas a dog has 15000 hairs on every small square inch of its skin!

Some pets like Pyrenees and some breeds of dogs – shed throughout the year! And some cats have microscopic hairs. For kinds like these – you need powerful suctions. Your household vacuum cleaner will never suffice. And if you think of brushing them out – then we believe you will need a 1000 dollar per month maid for it!

Another big problem associated with pet hairs is – static electricity. There is an attractive bonding between pet hairs and fabrics, carpets, upholstery, tiles and even wood. Designated pet vacuums have suction force much larger and much more concentrated to break this attraction.

Quick Tip – You can spray your carpets and upholstery (especially) with anti-static sprays before vacuuming for better results.

Below we have reviewed some of the best vacuums for pet hair. We have evaluated them according to their suction power, make, design (handheld, stick, canister), manoeuvrability and durability. All the vacuums are self tested by us.

We have selected one vacuum from each budget category. The list has links to the premium vacuums – as well as for the cheap but good quality hoovers. There is one for every one.

Dyson V8 – Premium Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

vacuum cleaner


Dyson is a very famous multi-national brand – having expertise in cleaning products – especially vacuum cleaners.

Dyson V8 is their flagship product. They have currently launched V11 too – but we are reviewing V8 – because this hoover – still remains the “top of the chart” product. It comes with 120240 Volts – which is huge!

  • On top – it is cordless. No wires mean more manoeuvrability and quicker clean ups. Secondly it weighs just 5.64 pounds – which again increases its portability and functionality. Lastly – you can remove the stick and handheld it – to clean pet hair even in the most remote areas and corners.
  • We liked V8’s cleaner head the most. Compared to Dyson V6 – this model has 150 percent more brush power. It directs the bristles straight deep down into carpets and fabrics where the pet hairs mostly settle. The bristles are thick and hence can penetrate on hard carpets as well.
  • Another good – attachments. They fit in appropriately and have flexible strong heads. You can reach deep – under cupboards and steep corners.
  • Battery is average. We do not say very powerful or very weak. On a single charge it can run for 40 minutes straight. On Max Mode however – V8 will run for 20 minutes. We believe Dyson could have done better on battery power. A 60 minutes run time is the least one needs.
  • Lastly the 0.14 gallons bin is another positive. You don’t need to untangle the hairs or touch the dirt. And the bin filter is washable too.

One negative is Dyson’s customer care. A lot of consumers complain being left on their own. Either you are not able to reach them or either they don’t respond.

Other than this – V8 is wonderful. It is lightweight, versatile and durable. And it is not just for hairs. You can use it to clean dust and dirt. Secondly it is good for inside home and even for cars.

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Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaner

vacuum cleaner


Shark is another big brand among pet hair vacuum manufacturers. Shark VS Dyson is always a trending topic discussion. Navigator series introduced by Shark remains very popular.

The NV356E by Shark Navigator is an amazing vacuum. It has a great suction power and performs well on carpets and hard woods, (however suits better for carpets).

  • The vacuum is corded with 120 Volts of electric power. The volts are not bad. But an increase in value would have been better. It weighs 13.7 pounds which makes it super light – and even the built dimensions give it a compact look.
  • The machine comes with three attachments – Floor Brush, Power Brush and Crevice. You get most suction with floor brush and mostly the other two will not come in much use. The crevice is strong and useful. Brush quality is also up to the mark.
  • Shark has introduced an anti allergen complete seal technology – where 99.9 percent of the allergens and dirt and dust cannot escape the machine.
  • Other interesting features are the HEPA filter and the Dust Cup. The vacuum does not require a bag. Instead the machine comes with an easy to empty cup. You can empty it from the bottom or from the top. The cup has an adequate 2.2 quarts holding capacity as well.

Some consumers have issues with the design of the machine. The brush head and the canister’s placement are a bit awkward. Reaching off limits is a bit uneasy – especially with the canister.

Almost all Shark vacuums are covered under a 5 year limited warranty program. But like Dyson – consumers are not happy with the customer care service. Either they are unavailable or either the blame for the fault is put on you.

Overall the pet hair vacuum is a hit. And more importantly it is highly economical. The reviewed earlier Dyson Vacuum – almost has same features – yet it cost nearly double. Performance and durability wise too – the vacuum is a promising buy.

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EUREKA NEU522 vacuum cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner


Eureka is again one of the famous brands for cleaning products. Although like Dyson – it is not a dedicated pet vacuum manufacturer.

The NEU522 is a wonderful hoover. It has a strong machine which operates on 110 Volts and 960 Watts. It has a strong built and the deep ocean with silver contrast makes it look amazing.

  • NEU522’s suction power is up to the mark and this comes at a great price point. The machine does not make any noise either. The two pet vacuums reviewed above are comparatively noisy.
  • The vacuum is very easy to manoeuvre. It has easy glide large back wheels and swivel steering. You will not feel rigidity in movement even on hard hair, deep or worn off carpets.
  • Eureka has put a lot of firsts in this machine. It can detect and auto-adjust to floor and carpet heights. You don’t need to manually do the hassle.
  • Other innovative technology introduced in the NEU522 is the Multi Cyclone Filtration System. Without losing suction you are able to trap all the dust, dirt and allergens.
  • The canister is large but a little larger would be more appreciable. You can also clean the canister with soap. The machine is bag-less too.
  • The accessories are great. The package comes with a Pet Turbo Brush, Multi angle adaptor which can be used with other tools, a crevice tool and very smooth and soft dusting brush. The handle can be detached too and cord can be extended further.

Some of the cons are – an oddball size hose and extra weight. The added weight reduces the portability of the product.

Eureka has priced it very economically. Again same features of the Dyson and Shark – yet discounted prize. You don’t get warranty like in the other two – but anyways you will not require it.

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Bissell 33A1 vacuum cleaner


Bissell manufactures super portable vacuums. All their models – whether hand held, corded or cordless are made lightweight and easy to carry. We have reviewed two of their hot selling pet hair vacuums in this post.

  • 33A1 – is a very cheap, hand-held corded vacuum, measuring just 10 x 5 x 8 inches and weighing 3.7 pounds.  It consumes 4 amperes of battery power and has lot of happy consumer reviews.
  • Although it has a small machine – it has a very powerful suction. The vacuum also comes with a 16 feet power cord to reach deep spaces. It’s performance on upholstery and hard surfaces is equally praised. But more than carpets and stairs – the machine is seen as a car vacuum for pets. In fact out of 10 – 7 buyers purchase this for their automobiles.
  • The power button located on an ergonomic handle makes switching the machine on and off very easy.
  • Bissell has introduced a cyclonic cleaning system in the vacuum along with two rubber nozzles. These specialize d nozzles scrape away most of the hair, dirt and dust.
  • The dirt cup has a capacity of 0.78 litre, which is ideal if you are using it as a car vacuum cleaner. The machine is bag-less.

Note – You cannot use this as a home vacuum unlike Dyson, Shark and Eureka hoovers. This one is a dedicated small size pet hair vacuum and hence you are not going to get any good results for other kinds of dust and debris.

One main issue with this machine is vents position. They lie on the sides, which causes the wind to blow off the debris. We actually had to cover the vents by a cardboard – which directed the wind to the back. The blowers are also directed downwards – and sometimes they push the lighter dust and hair particles away from the suction head.

Cost-wise – it is the cheapest machine in the market. In our opinion 33A1 makes a wonderful pet hair car vacuum. You can buy this alongside a full time Eureka for your household purposes.

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BISSELL 2390A vacuum cleaner

vacuum cleaner


2390A is from the same manufacturer Bissell. But this is an upgraded version of the above reviewed 33A1. If you want a better and more durable hand vacuum then go with 2390A.

This is a cordless machine which runs on a 14 Volts lithium ion battery. It measures 4.5 x 16 x 5 inches and weighs 4.4 pounds. Portability wise – it is a wonder – no wires, lesser weight and compact size.

2390A comes with some necessary and very useful tools. The motorized brush tool is very effective in removing more embedded dirt and pet hair – and the crevice makes cleaning the corners and deep pockets easy.

It has a large dirt cup with a capacity of 0.7 litres. With Triple level filtration emptying and cleaning the bin is very effective.

There are some customer reviews about the nozzle of the motorized pet hair brush’s position. For better performance the nozzle should be in contact with the surface and the surface needs to be flat – which generally does not happen. If not properly in contact the suction power suffers.

Another major issue is – you can’t just buy the paper replacement filter. You need to buy the whole assembly – which is not required and just adds up the cost. For a hack – we tried lose paper replacement filter in Bissell 2390A – and it worked for us.

Other than this – it is a wonderful machine – definitely better than 33A1 and more efficient and much more powerful. Another important factor – this can be used as a home vacuum cleaner. 33A1 though cheaper can only be used as a pet hair vacuum. Lastly – Bissell donates 5 dollars for pet welfare if you buy this machine – so that is a bit of charity too from your end.

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What is the best vacuum cleaner  for a lot of pet hair?

For a lot of pet hair – go with Shark or Dyson. They both are heavy machines with very powerful suction. The same is true if you have more than 2 pets. For 2 pets and under – you can go with Eureka.

Which is better for pet hair Dyson or Shark?

This is a lot debatable question with consumers equally divided for both brands. Some are pro Dyson and others are die hard shark fans. Although as a one sentence answer to the question – if you want a long lasting machine than go with dyson and – if you want a moderately priced cleaner for 3 years maximum than go with Shark.

What is the best shark vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

Shark Navigator series is the best. And in all navigators NV356E – the one reviewed above is wonderful. It is moderately priced with a minimum of 3-4 years performance. The accessories are a plus and you can easily get parts for this model in the market.

What is the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair 2022?

2022 is all for Eureka pet hair vacuum cleaners. They have sold more than thousand pieces of the above reviewed NEU522.  Consumers have a sweet tongue for the manoeuvrability and portability and have an equal liking for its suction power.

Are pet vacuums worth it?

Totally! If you buy yourself a dedicated pet vacuum you will get great results. Just don’t invest in low quality cheap crap. They are of no use and their suction sucks at sucking! The branded ones can really keep your upholstery, stairs, wood and automobiles clean form pet hair, dirt and allergens.


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