4 Best Portable Air Conditioners

portable air conditioner

With summer around the corner, it’s important that we prepare ourselves with ways to dodge the cruel heat. Now, we cannot do anything about the temperature outside, but fortunately we can create a cool atmosphere inside our homes and offices with the advances of technology; “Portable AC’s”! This new kind of air conditioner is more user friendly and can be installed in any room you want. Here are some of our choices of the best portable cooling appliances.


BLACK+DECKER Portable Air Conditioner

This 5000 BTU DOE compact air conditioner will keep you cool and fresh all summer. It has adjustable fan speed that can cool up to 65 degree Fahrenheit, the coolest setting. It’s not only compact, but it comes along with a sleep mode, which is on auto mode at night making it extra quiet while you rest peacefully.

This portable AC provides you with steady, fast and effective cooling in rooms up to 150 sq. ft. in less than no time. It’s perfect for even dorm rooms, cabins, small space offices, camp sites, bedrooms and living rooms.

The AC comes along with a simple remote control; which allows you to change the temperature from your bed or your couch, LED display and a 24-hour timer that allows you to set the temperature and control it precisely.

To clean the filter, all you have to do is slide it out twice a month and rinse it thoroughly under water and you’re done. It’s that easy and hassle free.

You can install this AC by taking care of these 3 steps. Wheel it into the room with a sliding window, attach the included hose and the window adapter, plug it into an outlet and you’re all set to go. Once the season ends, you can just unplug and store.

This Black+Decker model is the best buy because it combines 3 energy efficient functions for all your cooling and ventilation needs, where it also reduces humidity in your room. Also the self-evaporation function ensures that your room remain cool, clean and dry. It makes your life easy!

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AUZKIN Portable Air Conditioner

AUZKIN Portable Air Conditioner

The Auzkin portable air conditioner uses ultrasonic atomization technology, where the water in the water tank is atomized and turned into ultra-fine water molecules which result in cool and humid air. This helps in cooling the surrounding air without making our skin feel dry. You can also add ice cubes in the tank and essential oils in the sponge and experience a wonderful change in the air; cooling wise and fragrance wise.

With these new idea’s, this AC creates a much better and comfortable atmosphere for the user. The speed of the fan can be controlled by 3 settings – low, medium and high. The maximum speed that the fan can reach is up to 4000RMP and the maximum wind speed can reach up to 3.5m/s. You can also oscillate this product to 60 degrees or 120 degrees to create your own personal cooling zone.

A smart lighting design is included in the design to let you know when the water is at low capacity in the tank. The light will turn red and flash 3 times. The light is not that bright to disturb you in your sleep or “me” time. After adding water, press the button “mist” and enjoy the cooling again.

This portable air conditioner does not use any chemicals or refrigerants to cool the air, so the results may not be that effective like an AC, and it only cools the area around the user. It may take some time for the cooling to reach every corner of the room, but initially, the coolness will only be felt around the AC.

The power consumption of this cooler is only 8W/hour and it is mainly designed for personal use. It can run continuously for 24 hours as not much of electricity is consumed. It is the perfect solution to unwind after a long, hard day!

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Portable Electric Air Conditioner

Serene Life SLPAC8 Portable Electric Air Conditioner

The Serene Life portable air conditioner is a lightweight and handy with a sleek body design intended to be used in your bedroom, living room, office space or in a garage space. The rolling wheels at the bottom of the appliance measures for easy portability from one room to another.

This portable air conditioner consists of 4 modes – cooling, heating, dehumidifier and fan. The default mode is cooling and is activated once the AC is switched on. The dehumidifier is responsible for reducing humidity levels and acts as a purifier which prevents particles such as dust to creep inside the room. The automatic swing mode helps in maximum air circulation.

The remote control features a digital touch button control panel, it includes the power, the mode, timer (up to 24 hours) , temperature and fan speed settings. It is fairly easy to use. There is also a unit selector (Celsius/Fahrenheit) to choose from. Another function called the sleep key can also be controlled by the remote.

The cooling power of this air conditioner is 8000 BTU, with 900W rated power. The cold air from this appliance can cover up to 215 + sq. ft. in a matter of minutes.

This electric air conditioner makes no noise and is very compact. The air flow is very smooth and easy going and reaches every corner of the room.

The quick set up guide is included with this purchase to help you install the appliance in the simplest way and so that you can make the best of it. A window mount kit is also included in this purchase. It is the best option to save space and money at the same time.

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Whynter ARC-14S Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

The design of Whynter air conditioner is mobile and powerful. It is an ideal solution to keep in bedrooms, offices or any other small space. It has a dual hose operation that is known effective to cool up to 500 sq. ft. space very quickly.

Among its many features, one of the most desirable one is the auto drain technology, which uses and recycles the moisture collected during the cooling process to produce cool air.

There are 3 operational modes available – air conditioner, fan or dehumidifier. The air filter in this unit is washable and helps in improving the air quality. There is also an activated carbon filter which removes dust and other harmful particles from the air. The cooling capacity of this air conditioner is 14000 BTU.

It also includes 24-hour programmable timer, full thermostatic control up to 61 degree Fahrenheit to 89 degree Fahrenheit. You can easily change the settings through the remote control according to your needs and sit back and enjoy the cool air.

The installation is very easy as the purchase includes a guide and also there is an auto restart feature for when there is a power outage.

Along with other items that are included in the purchase, a protective cover with a pocket is given to protect your portable AC unit from dust and dirt. It can also be used to store the dual hose, window kit, remote control and user manual when not in use. This protective cover helps protecting the AC most when in storage.

Not only is this appliance good for your homes, but it is also good for the environment as it is completely eco-friendly, CFC free, lead free and consumes pretty less energy.

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All of these appliances may be different in the means of performance and technology, but one thing that they all have in common is efficiency. If you were to choose from these choices, there would be absolute no regrets as all of these appliances provide a warranty period. Having a cool room in the cruel heat of summer was never easier!


  • Do portable air conditioners work well?

Portable air conditioners do have their merits. They are much better at performance than a fan and it is easy to move it around from room to room. Their cooling is also efficient in a small space.

  • Is it worth buying a portable AC?

Portable AC’s are not a prominent replacement for split AC’s. They are mainly used for compact spaces or when there are issues while installation/buying conventional AC units. It is worth buying if you have a small space and less cooling expectations.

  • Can portable AC cool a room?

A portable AC can cool the space around itself, or if the room is up to 300 sq. ft. Some of the portable AC’s can cool a room up to 500 sq. ft., but it uses more electricity and more BTU’s. However it might not cool the room as a split AC would.

  • Can I leave a portable AC on all day?

Yes, you can leave a portable AC on all day. It is as safe as any other appliance. Although, this would be a great waste of electricity and might attract a huge bill every month.

  • How long should you run a portable AC?

The ideal time to run a portable AC would be 15 – 20 minutes. It would completely cool the room to a mild temperature, if not, you can keep it a while longer.


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