Best ice crushing blender under $100

ice crushing blender

In most kitchens, having an ice crushing blender is almost a must. This tool comes in handy when you are making smoothies, soups or a glass of margarita. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars for a blender when you can get one that comes with cool features for less than $100.

This guide will save you some dollars and time researching for the best ice crushing blender. We have examined some top ice crushing blenders under $100 and ranked them on a number of factors like power, speed options, pitcher capacity and blade size.

What are the key differences between best ice crushing blenders under $100?

Power (watts)
Jar size (ounces)
Dimensions (inches)
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9.5 x 7.5 x 17
9 x 8.5 x 16.5
17 x 13 x 10
6 x 6 x 15.5
7.4 x 8.2 19.7
7.2 x 8 x 14.2
8.7 x 6.5 x 14.7

Ninja professional (BL610)

ice crushing blender

The Ninja BL610 is one of the most popular heavy-duty blenders in the market. The Ninja brand is synonymous with high quality cooker and coffee machines and this blender is no exception.

Firstly, you get a very powerful 1000 watts motor that is also quiet. This means you can blend your hard fruits, vegetables and ice. The large 72 oz. blender comes in handy when you are making smoothies or margaritas for many people.

The 6 blade assembly makes it a great ice crushing blender for crushing your frozen fruits and ice into a smooth blend without overheating or leaving chucks in between.

You can control your blends through five buttons at the motor base. This buttons offer you the options for determining the blender speeds as well as pulsing. The base is sturdy enough though you may face some challenges cleaning the blades or suffer some cracks with the plastic pitcher.


  • Powerful motor
  • Blasts into ice into seconds
  • Ability to control blender speed
  • Large pitcher
  • Dish washer safe


  • Can overheat under heavy use



  • Powerful motor
  • Blasts into ice into seconds
  • Ability to control blender speed
  • Large pitcher
  • Dish washer safe


  • Can overheat under heavy use



KitchenAid KSB1575GA

Firstly, this blender comes in multiple colors so you should find it easy to identify one that complements your kitchen design. The blenders base is sturdy enough measuring 9”deep and 7” wide. This houses a 500watt motor that powers the four blades for a thorough ice crushing and crushing of other food items.

You can set the blender depending on what you making from its five speed settings – stirring, chopping, puree, mixing and liquefy. In addition, you also have specific buttons for pulsing and crushing ice. This are clearly labeled like all the other buttons.

The pitcher is large and has a capacity of 60 ounces. It is BPA-free patented and is stain resistant, shatter-scratch free, and is dishwasher safe. The pitcher has a height of 17” meaning you can easily store it in your kitchen cabinets. The base is made from cast metal that makes it durable and sturdy enough not to topple over during blending.

The blender also comes with a vented cap that makes it easier to add ingredients while you are blending. While this is a great blender it lacks a LCD screen that are standard with most modern blenders.



  • Five speed settings
  • Pulse and crush ice modes
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Multiple color options
  • Non-slip grip pitcher handle
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Lacks LCD screen



Healthmaster Elite JLA-8WAL

The health-master blender is a bit different in that it can both warm foods through centrifugal friction and is excellent for making cold drinks. That’s not all, the motor on this blender is one of the most powerful we have sampled.

It’s capable of producing 1200watts, which roughly translates to 2 horsepower. What this means is you can easily blend your hard nuts, fruits and vegetables with ease. To help you in your blending you have eight different speeds to choose from.

Blending is courtesy of four strong blades. You can use the health-master to heat your foods through centrifugal friction but this does not mean you use to blend hot foods. The pitcher is both BPA free while the blades are made from stainless steel. The blender also features an ice button and LCD screen.



  • Powerful 1200watts motor
  • Great for blending warm and cold foods
  • Eight different speed settings
  • High quality strong stainless steel blades


  • You may experience some leakages with the pitcher



Nutri Ninja Personal blender

The first thing you will notice with the Nutri Ninja blender is its sleek design. This is coupled with smart buttons that ensure you get the perfect blend.

Operation of this ice crushing blender is through an innovative Auto iQ program setting. With this feature you do not need to mix or stir your mixture, just press a button and the blender will automatically adjust the blade speeds depending on the contents. The blender has few controls but all are functional and come in handy.

During purchase you get three containers – a large 32 ounce container suitable when hosting friends, a regular 24 ounce for your normal blending needs and a travel friendly 18 ounce container.

The Nutri-Ninja blender is powered by a 1000 watts motor that does an excellent job of crushing through ice and other hard ingredients like nuts and vegetables. The only drawback to this blender is that it is only available in one speed.


  • Innovative one touch Auto-iQ technology
  • Powerful 1000 watts motor
  • Containers have independent seal lids and sip
  • Free cookbook
  • Blend, time pulse and pause patterns


  • Available in only one speed



Aicook Professional countertop blender

When it comes to crushing ice, you need a powerful blender. The Aicook fits this bill with its 1450watt motor. With such kind of power you can blend almost anything with this blender, from large ice chunks, fruits and vegetables. All this is done within seconds.

When it comes to blender accessories, the Aicook offers good value for money. You get a large 70 ounce jar, two portable cups, tamper and recipe book.

The 6 blades for the Aicook are titanium coated and can hit speeds of up to 31,000 rpm. This enables you to make the best purees and blends.

Control of the blender is through a 4 pre-programmed function that helps you choose between grind, smoothie, jam and juice. You also get a 14 variable speed control.

The Aircook is self-cleaning, all you have to do is fill it with soapy water and press the pulse button. The Aircook comes with a 5-year warranty and their 24/7 customer care service is very responsive.


  • Numerous accessories
  • Extremely powerful motor
  • Pre-programmed settings
  • Large capacity pitcher


  • Can be very noisy under intensive use



Oster 1200 Pro Blender

The Oster is mid-sized blender with a powerful 1200 watt motor that enables you blend your fruits, vegetables and cut into ice. It also features 7 speeds, 3 pre-programmed settings for your milkshakes, touch salsas, and smoothies. In addition, you also get a special pulse function for better control of your blends.

A closer observation of the blades for this Oster model reveals it is 50% larger than previous models. The blade is also dual directional meaning it can go forward and reverse.

During purchase you also get some cool accessories like BPA processing bowl, 6 cup glass jar, chopping blade, stainless steel slicing disk, and a 24 ounce smoothie cup.

The company offers a massive 10-year warranty for their blender. On the downside the blender is a bit heavy at 13.45 pounds and can be bulky.


  • Powerful motor
  • Great list of awesome accessories
  • Dual direction stainless steel blades
  • Large pitchers
  • Lengthy 10-year warranty for metal drive


  • Heavy and bulky



Hamilton Beach 58148A

The Hamilton is an affordable blender that is loaded with cool features. It comes with a 700 watts motor that is powerful enough for crushing vegetable, fruits and ice.

Due to its use of the wave action system, the blender will pull your ingredients further down to ensure you have a smooth blend. The Hamilton container measures 40 ounces which makes it ideal for blending drinks for a large crowd.

Operation of the Hamilton beach is through 12 blending functions which are offered though five well labeled buttons. You will need to be familiar with the manual so as to know which button to press for certain functions.

The blender is dishwasher safe and you can remove the blades for easy cleaning. It also comes with a no mess pouring spout.

There is also a specific button for crushing ice.



  • Lightweight
  • Dishwasher safe components
  • Powerful 700watts motor
  • 12 functions operation


  • The front buttons can be hard to understand



Buying Guide

Factors to consider when purchasing the right ice crushing blender

Blenders come in all manner of shapes and prices. You have top end blenders that leverage on smart technologies and you have mid-priced blenders that offer you the ability to blend most of your fruits, vegetables, nuts and even crushed ice. So, what top factors should you be on the lookout for when purchasing a blender.


Blender motor power is measured in watts. You have some very powerful motors producing more than 1000 watts to Aicook blender that is capable of a massive 1450watts. Ice is hard and you need a powerful blender to break into it without overheating. When you are blending with low power you will notice that your smoothie still has large chunks of ingredients.

Some ice crushing blenders will use the wave technology that pulls the ingredients to the bottom while others have dual rotation blades that move in both directions. The more power a blender has the smoother the end product.


A blender is as good as its blades. It is the blades that cut into your ingredients at high speeds. What you need to have a closer look at is the quality of your blades.

To do all the crushing, grinding and chopping you need durable blades made from materials like stainless steel. The more the blender blades the better.

Most of the ice crushing blenders will come with four to six sharp blades, in some instances you will find the blender having multiple blade assemblies. This means you can interchange them depending on usage.

Jar capacity

Jar capacity is very important depending on how you plan on using the blender. If you plan on making multiple margarita glasses for a party then you need a large pitcher, while a medium sized jar will do for a small family. Most of the blenders have a capacity of 60 to 72 ounces.

In some instances, you will have various additional traveling small containers. Most of the blender jars are made from plastic. Plastic is easy to operate but is not as durable as the glass containers. For those jars made from plastic the material is often shatterproof and scratch resistant.

It is also capable of being heat resistant. The most durable pitchers are made from Tritan and are BPA free – this means the chemicals used for their manufacture is safe.

Speed settings

The speed settings help you determine the kind of texture you will get from your blender. This allows you to work around different ingredients. Even the lower priced blenders now come with at least a speed setting.

While shopping for an ice crushing blenders under $100 ensure that you go with a blender that will meet your needs. Some more advanced blenders will come with intelligence systems that automatically detect the kind of material in the blender and adjust their speeds accordingly.


Blending can be messy and you can spend a lot of time trying to clean your blender after use. Since most people use dishwashers, it is imperative that you go with a blender that is dishwasher safe. This means you can clean your jar together with your other household utensils.

However, during cleaning ensure that water does not come into contact with your motor. Also, ensure you have the blades do not hide any food particles.

Lastly, you should consider the size of your kitchen when purchasing the blender. If you lack space there is not point going for a large blender that is going to hinder your movement in the kitchen.


In this review, out top choice for the best ice crushing blender under $100 is the Ninja professional (BL610). The Ninja is reasonably priced while still maintaining an array of cool features. It comes with a powerful motor suitable for crushing ice and the large pitcher comes in handy when you are hosting guests.

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