13 Best Games to Play with Friends

Best Games to Play with Friends

The current economic situation around the globe is quite demanding that we rarely get the opportunity to socialize or engage in fun activities, which, therefore, means that we have to create the opportunity to play. And the good thing is that we are not restricted by whom or what we play with, besides play helps build strong bonds and relationships between family members, couples and between kids and their parents.

We must, however, be careful to also give kids time to play with other children, and not restrict them to the Tv sets and computer screen.

13 Best games to play with friends.

1. The accent challenge:

This can be so much fun if you have a couple of friends around and then you challenge each other into talking in a particular accent, for example, you will have one person imitate the Russian accent, another one could try German, British, Hindu and even Chinese. Make sure that you get everyone on video and then you can vote on who did best.

2. The beans and chopsticks challenge

This is one great way to reconnect with your neighbor’s when you invite them over for dinner. So after you have had your dinner and things are slowing down, you can revamp the energy in the room by getting four bowls, baked beans, and chopsticks.

Then on one bowl, you will put the baked beans, and then stand on opposite sides either couple by couple or ladies vs. gents.  Now to make the game interesting you will set the time where all the beans should have been transferred to the empty bowl using the chopsticks and be sure to cheer your teammates so that you can have the most beans transferred to win the challenge.

3. Play station:

Console gaming is one of the best ways to pass time while having fun, and the advantage of using a playing station is that you can even play with your friends who are not physically present, just request them to get online and start the competitions. However, we are all in agreement that playing with friends who are physically present is more fun, as you can even do a celebratory dance when you beat them in a game.

4. Tug of war:

This is the best game to play if you have many friends around more so on a Sunday picnic, tug of war only requires you to get a strong rope, and then divide your friends into two groups. Then draw a line in the middle, now each of the groups will try to pull the other over to their side and the one that succeeds to pull their opponent across the line then, they are the winners.

5. Scrabble:

Planning to have a sleepover and are out of ideas on which low tone games to play with your friends. Well, you could try scrabble, as you not only engage in some intense mind floss but the struggle to beat your friends will get your adrenaline going. Just be sure to have a dictionary in hand so that you don’t get cheated. Scrabble doesn’t need a large number of people for it to be interesting, as up to four friends can be well accommodated by the tiles.

6. The watermelon challenge:

This challenge can help you loosen, forget all your problems and have some real fun. So what happens is that you will get a long table and then get some watermelon cut to enable easy access, and then have your friend’s line up to start eating the fruit but ensure that their hands are placed at the back so they don’t touch the fruit.

Setting the time by which they should all be done only makes the game more interesting and unlike water, one can actually eat a lot of the fruit without having to throw up or getting a stomach upset. And as you set time make sure that you don’t give people too much time, for them to get comfortable, make it short, so that they can rush through and in the process have fun.

7. The sponge race relay:

The teams that are going to engage in this challenge have to be very energetic because there is a lot of back and forth running. So here you will need at least two large sponges that can soak in a lot of water. Then get two buckets of water, and two jars. Now on the jars, you will mark a spot by which the water that is being brought from the buckets should reach.

The players will then compete by dipping the sponge into the bucket of water, and then run with it to the other end where you have placed the jar and squeeze out all the water in the sponge and then run back to give the sponge to their teammate. Don’t forget to set the time as it helps make the gam

8. The egg and spoon race:

This type of race can be pretty simple for adults when you just have to use one egg and a spoon and run to the other side. So if you have adult friends around and want to make it more interesting you have to introduce some limiting factors.

You will, therefore, get your friends into groups of two and then have their right and left legs tied together so they are close to each other, then give them an egg with a small spoon, so they can have a challenge balancing the egg on the spoon as they run.

Now set the finish line on the opposite end and have them run across the field to the finish line, the couple that reaches the finish line first without breaking or letting the egg fall down wins.

9. Smile Toss:

A smile can be as contagious as a yawn even when you don’t know why the other person smiling. So in this interesting game that you can play with your friends, you will make everyone sit on a circle or any other formation for as long as they are facing each other. Then everyone needs to keep a straight somber face, and then you will get one person that can pull a really contagious smile to be the smile tosser.

The smile tosser’s job is to get people to smile or crack a laugh, so the first person to smile or laugh gets out of the game. And to make it more interesting you can urge the smile tosser to wipe off his smile with his hand and toss it to another person in the circle but if he wishes to.

The player who receives the smile will be the new smile tosser and has to try as hard as they can to get the other people in the circle to smile.

10. Photo Booth:

What are games to play without tangible memories; well the photo booth should not be the only item that you plan on using to make your day memorable. Better yet if you plan on using a photo booth then best you use it last to take some really creative and silly photos. Get your friends to take the silly photos either individually or as a couple, print them out, select a winner, and give a price, then later have them printed out on a postcard and mail them during Christmas.

11. International day:

They say work without play makes Jack a dull boy and indeed it does, so what you can do to lift the spirits of your friends and co-workers is to try and appreciate their background and culture. So on a specific day, mostly on the weekends, you can have each of your friends bring their favorite dish and not just any dish but the most loved back home. You can also make it more interesting by dressing up with regard to the different cultures and share the meal with the rest of the office.

12. Baby picture guessing game:

This can be fun especially in a couples or church picnic, so what you will do is have all your friends come with their baby pictures, and then put them in one place, then give everyone time to look at the pictures. Then after they have settled down, you can then proceed to hold each one of them up and see if people can match them to their real owners. The owners of the photos should, however, keep quiet once their photos are pulled up.

13. Toilet paper ice breaker:

This game can be fun if no one actually knows what is going on, so what you will do, is hand out a roll of toilet paper, let everyone acquire for themselves some good number of sheets. Now when they are waiting for the next instruction, you can inform them that for each sheet of tissue paper they took, they have to share a fact about themselves.

Benefits of play to adults and children


Play helps improve relationships:

It might not be very obvious of the bond that you are creating with your partner, your kids, or friends until you finish playing and can relate better when doing other chores. Playing with your kids helps create a strong bond, thus gives dialogue a chance, and as a couple when you work towards accomplishing a specific challenge then you can appreciate the importance of teamwork.

And when you play games with your friends, it is no longer about friendship but brotherhood and helping each other in times of need. Besides, when you play with your friends on a more personal level you tend to develop trust, to the extent of developing business relationships.

Encourages creativity:

Both adults and kids tend to be very creative when they are presented with tough challenges, they will, therefore, turn their brains upside down just to figure out how to overcome a challenge and in the process, they inadvertently stimulate the mind.

Relieves stress:

Many older adults turn to smoking or drinking when they feel too stressed, others even go the extra mile and use hard drugs, so by engaging in games once in a while it tends to relieve the tension that many people keep bottled up inside them.

Besides, during the fun times, you tend to laugh a lot as the feel-good hormones (endorphins) in the body are triggered. It is believed that endorphins have a similar structure to morphine, which are usually used as painkillers, as they activate the opioid receptors in the brain that help minimize discomfort.

Improves social skills:

There are so many people out here who don’t know how to relate with their mates, and will most of the time sit in seclusion. But when they are brought together in games, communication, and teamwork it helps them to open up and consequently refine their skills through playful communication. 

Boost productivity and innovation:

Let’s be honest the success of many companies is not entirely dependent on the hours that people put in, but rather on the well being of the workers. Working 365 days, 24/7 will not only take a toll on your health but also your emotional and mental well being. So to balance it all out, some occasional retreat with fun games like the ones discussed in this excerpt can help boost your career and lead to creativity because the mind is less stressed.


Loosening up a little means going out and engaging some physical activity, there are many online games that people can play, but the physical games still takes the lead because of the myriad of benefits attached to it. For example, for the kids it helps improve their cognitive functions, they also exercise their body parts.

And for the adults, not only is play beneficial health-wise but it also helps foster good and long-lasting relationships, it creates partnerships and encourages teamwork especially in an office setting.

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