The 5 Best Blenders for Frappuccino

blenders for frappuccino

As the warm season approaches there is nothing as relaxing as enjoying a cold glass of frappuccino with friends outdoors as you absorb the sunshine. Frappuccinos are easy to make once you have identified decent ice crushing blenders for frappuccino.

When it comes to frappuccino, you can take the expensive route, which is – purchasing your daily cup from your favorite store. Alternatively, you can purchase the right frappuccino blender, download a recipe and you can make your favorite cup at the luxury of your home.

The biggest challenge with this router is identifying the right blender. The market is filled with blenders in different sizes, prices, and features. Choosing the right one can be a herculean task. We have you sorted with this buying guide as we have done the research for you.

Let’s dive in.

What are the key differences between various frappuccino blenders?

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Best Blenders for Frappuccino

Ninja Professional 1100 watt-base blender

When you are making your favorite cup of frappuccino you will need a powerful blender to cut through the ice. The Ninja blender does just that courtesy of its 1100 watt motor. It will turn huge chunks of ice into fine components in seconds. The 6-blade assembly is powerful enough to grind and crush even the hardest ingredients. You also get a large 72-ounce pitcher that helps you serve guests or a large family. During purchase you get two 16 ounce capacity cups. These come with lids which makes them ideal when you are traveling.

If you want more control over the blending process you have the pulse control and three speed settings. For single servings you can blend your favorite ingredients directly into the cup. Close the lid, and you are good to go. The comes with BPA free parts and is dishwasher safe, this makes cleaning it very easy.

Overall, we liked the powerful motor that works into hard ice with ease. The large pitcher is a catch for those planning on making multiple frappuccino cups. However, we found the blender to be a bit noisy.


  • Powerful motor for breaking into ice
  • Large pitcher for large families or hosting guests
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free parts
  • Pulse and speed settings


  • Can be very noisy during operation


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Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

The Vitamix makes it onto our list due to its high performance motor that is capable of crushing ice into snow in minutes. The motor may not be the most powerful but it has been optimized to achieve superior results. Firstly, you have five pre-programmed settings that enable you to work on frozen desserts, hot soups, smoothies, purees, and self-cleaning.

The blender comes with a low profile 64 ounce container that can fit in your kitchen cabinets without taking up a lot of space. You also get a variable speed option that gives you a variety of textures plus a pulse button when you are in need of more power.

During blending you will notice that the container is angled in such a way that ensures the ingredients flow to the blades for smoother blends. The laser cut blades are both durable and ensure you get the same results from the time you turn on the blender to finish. The blender is also great for making your hot soups as the blades generate some friction heat which warms your soups. You should have steaming beverage in just six minutes. The blender also comes with a self-cleaning feature that allows you to place some soapy water inside the blender and turn the machine to its highest power. This self-cleans it in less than 60 seconds.


  • Low profile container that fits in most kitchen cabinets
  • Self-cleaning in less than 60 seconds
  • Programmable settings
  • High performance motor
  • Blade friction heating for hot soups


  • The controls can be hard to operate


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Oster VERSA Pro 1400Watt Blender

The Oster VERSA is a powerful blender producing 1400 watts or 28,000rpms. This enables it to work on your fruits, vegetables and ice blocks with ease. Control of the blender is through its 3 programmed settings for soups, smoothies, spreads and dips. It also comes with a 64 ounce BPA free jar that is made from tritan. The jar can hold enough liquid for medium sized family. It also comes with a rubberized handle that is non-slip.

The stainless steel blades are capable of spinning at speeds of up to 250MPH hence cutting through any large ice blocks and hard fruits and vegetables. For those difficult vegetables chunks the unit comes with a tamper accessory. The fast friction speeds come in handy to warm up some of your soups.

Included in the purchase are two full color cook books and 7-year warranty – which is longer than most blenders in the market. The cook books offer you soup, ice cream, baby foods, margarita recipes. The Oster Versa Pro is a versatile blender that comes at a good price.


  • Powerful 1400watts motor
  • Full color cook books
  • Stainless steel blades to work through hard ice
  • 64 ounce durable plastic jar


  • Few accessories


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Cleanblend Commercial blender

This is one of the most powerful blenders in the market courtesy of its 1800 watts motor. This ensures it will chop, grind and pulverize your ice blocks, nuts, vegetables and fruits. If you are planning on having friends over for cold drinks then the Cleanblend will come in handy. It acts as a heat, blend, crush, puree, chop and liquefy.

While the price is above most home blenders that we have examined it offers good value for money. Its 64-ounce pitcher is capable of serving up to 8 cups of drinks and smoothies. The 8 stainless steel blades come with a sealed ball bearing that ensures your get a thicker soups and smoothies. There is not type of ice or frozen foods that this blender cannot work through. The blender also comes with a pulse feature and variable speed control.

The cleanblend is an easy to clean blender and its made from BPA free parts. It also comes with a long 5 year warranty. On the downside the unit is a bit tall for a blender and you may experience some challenges storing it.


  • Extremely powerful blender
  • Large pitcher for large families
  • 8 stainless steel blades that thoroughly work on ice blocks
  • Variable speed settings


  • Due to its size it can be challenging storing it


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Blendtec Pro 800

The blendtec is one of the quietest blenders for frappuccino we have reviewed. It comes in ergonomical design with well laid out one touch buttons and a small LCD screen. To help you achieve a variety of textures the blender has 10 speed manual controls and 6 pre-programmed cycles pulse.

The motor supplies 1560 watts to your blades and this helps them break into ice, fruits and vegetables while still remaining quiet. The patented blades are marketed to be 80% thicker than other blender blades. They also come in handy for warming up soups courtesy of friction heat.

Another great feature we loved on the blender is its ability to automatically shut itself off after it has achieved the right texture and smoothness. You also have up and down speed buttons that allow you to manually control the blending process. This will come in handy when you are making your favorite glass of frappuccino. The small LCD screen is used for indicating the remaining time when you are blending manually. The LCD screen illuminates a powerful blue color.

A reputable company manufactures the Blendtec so you do not have to worry about the quality of parts used. It comes with a lifetime warranty for the blades, 3 year warranty for the base and one year warranty for the jar. Cleaning the Blendtec is pretty easy as it is self-cleaning. All you have to do is fill it with soapy water and press the pulse button, wait for a few seconds and rinse.


  • 6 pre-programmed cycle pulse
  • Long warranty for motor and lifetime one for blades
  • Strong blades to cut into ice
  • Self-cleaning
  • LCD screen for manual timing
  • Very quiet blender


  • Jar gets scratches easily


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Buying Guide

Factors to consider when purchasing blende for frappuccino

Frappuccino’s are really easy to make once you have the right ingredients and a suitable blender for crushing ice. You can work with a variety of ingredients depending on your preferences. While it is good to go with top brands there several upcoming brands that are producing really innovative blenders.

Powerful motor

When it comes to crushing ice then you need a really powerful blender otherwise you will be left with huge chunks of ice in your frappuccino. The ideal blender for this is one that is capable of delivering 1000 to 1500 watts. This kind of power also comes with the downside of been power hungry and overheating after intensive use.

When checking out the blender motor go for one that also comes with a cooling feature. Some of the more advanced models have an auto-shut feature that automatically shuts off the blender if it senses it is overheating. The motor will cool down for a few minutes and then you can resume your blending. You will find some high powered blenders for less than $100 in the market.

Strong blades

After you have identified a high powered blender, you then need to ensure that the blades are powerful enough to cut through the ice. Powerful blades are those that are made from stainless steel. This makes them strong and durable.

The angle of the blades also plays a key role in the smoothness of your blends. This allows the blades to crush and grind materials with ease without leaving any unattended chunks. Blades that are capable to reach the sides of your jar are also ideal as they will ensure no un-chopped ingredients. The jar also needs to be designed in such a way that all ingredients flow to the bottom.

Jar containers

Most of the jar containers in the market are made from plastic material. Plastic while good develops scratches easily and is not as durable as glass. Glass is a great material for a blender but comes with the downside of frequent accidental breakage. The shape of the jar determines a lot in terms of the smoothness of the contents.

Most jars will rotate the ingredients in a whirlpool direction as the ingredients are constantly pushed to the bottom. You should also consider the width of the jar. Wider jars are better as they ensure the contents fall to the blades while a thin jar means you will need a spatula to push your ingredients towards the blades. For many this is a tiring process.

Speed modes

Most of the blenders will come with variable speed settings. This allows you to manually control the speed of the blender depending on your ingredients. Some blenders have automatic features that allow the blender itself determine the contents in the jar and adjust the speed accordingly.

You will also find some blenders with LCD screens that give information on time left to blend ingredients among other information. Operating a blender may seem to be a herculean task for some people, but most blenders come with easy to use manuals. Pricing of blenders will vary depending on the brand you are purchasing and the kind of features you are getting. A good ice crushing blender should cost you less than $100 but you will find more pricier models going for more than $300.


In our review of the best blenders for frappuccino we have uncovered the Oster VERSA Pro 1400Watt Blenderas our winner. The blender comes with one of the most powerful motors for a blender and this allows you to work around with a variety of ingredients from soups, ice creams, margaritas to frappuccinos. In addition, you get two full color cook books during purchase.


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