The 6 Best Blender for Margaritas

blender for margaritas

Nothing is as relaxing as chilling at your front porch during summer, with old friends while your enjoy your margaritas. You do not need to hire a bartender for this; all you need is the right blender and recipe.

While margaritas recipes are widely available online, finding the right blender for margaritas isn’t that straightforward. Instead of you spending time scouring the internet for the right device, we have done the research for you.

What are the key differences between best blenders for making margaritas?

Best For
Power (watts)
Jar size (ounces)
Dimensions (inches)
Check on Amazon
Best value blender
9.5 x 7.5 x 17
Best overall blender
9 x 14 x 19
Best pro Blender
8.75 x 7.25 x 20.50
Best ice texture blender
8 x 7 x 15
Best budget blender
8.7 x 6.5 x 14.7
Best compact blender
7.6 x 8.8 x 13.9
1. Ninja Professional 72oz. Countertop Blender: Best Value Blender For Margaritas

Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop BlenderMarking margaritas does not have to be an expensive affair with budget friendly blenders like the Ninja professional. During summer you need your drinks with the right amount of ice to cool you off and the Ninja blender comes with 6 ice-crushing stainless blades to aid you with this. The pitcher is large at 72 ounces and delivers 1000 watts of power. This is enough for your smoothies, margaritas or any other frozen combination you may have in your freezer.

To help you make a variety of drinks with the blender it comes with a five button control so that you can choose the blender speed depending on what you are blending. The blender is durable so you are going to be using it for some years before it starts showing signs of tear.

Overall, the Ninja Professional offers good value for money considering the kind of power that comes with the blender and the unique blade design that enables you to blend a variety of fruits, vegetables and ice.


  • Streamlined design
  • Lightweight
  • 6 stainless steel blades
  • High power of 1000watts


  • The warranty does not cover the pitcher

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2. Margaritaville concoction mixer: Overall Best Blender for Margaritas

Margaritaville Key West Frozen Concoction

If your specialty is frozen drinks then you will find this blender come in handy. The margaritaville comes with a large ice reservoir at the top that enables you to make up to 2.5 pitchers of frozen drinks. The ice reservoir stores your ice and also delivers shaved ice to the blender shaver blades. What you get is restaurant type margaritas. Due to the size of the blender it does come in handy when you are hosting parties.

The margaritaville produces shaved ice instead of the crushed ones and this allows you to create a variety of frozen drinks. To prevent you from making a mess during the pouring process, the blender comes with a secure pour hatch. Some of the customization settings include automatic shaved ice setting and four preprogrammed functions. Cleaning the blender is easy as all the parts are dishwasher safe.

The downside to the margaritaville is how large it is; weighing in at 21.3 pounds it can be a bit challenging moving from one place to another. The blender also comes with a considerable number of plastic parts that do fall apart with time. While the blender is cool for margaritas, the 450 watt motor isn’t the most powerful in the market hence you may face some challenges blending heavy blocks of ice.


  • Produced shaved instead of crushed ice
  • Large capacity reservoir
  • Four preprogramed settings
  • Secure pour hatch


  • Bulky in size.

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3. Vitamix 5200 Blender: Best Pro Blender for Margaritas

Blender for Margaritas

The Vitamix blender makes it to our list first due to its large 64 ounce container. This helps you blend a host of drinks for many guests. With the blender you can do margaritas, smoothies or hot soups for a mid-sized family setup. You also get a variable speed control that helps you adjust the speed of the blender to achieve different drink textures.

The blades on the Vitamix 5200 are aircraft grade and made from stainless steel. Been the fan type of blades they will pull everything in the blender to the bottom. This ensures you have fine drinks absent of large chunks of ingredients.

The Vitamix 5200 blender for margaritas lacks programmed functions but you can still control your output by controlling the speed of the blades from 1 to 10. The blades fast spins makes them ideal for hot soups as they create enough friction to heat your ingredients. The motor is also self-cooling and this means it will not overheat leading to shut offs.


  • Variable speed control
  • Self-cleaning
  • Hardened stainless steel blades
  • Large 64-ounce container


  • Lacks pre-programmed functions.

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4. Blendtec Classic 575: Best Ice Texture Blender for Margaritas

blendtec blender

The blendtec blender for margaritas comes with a broad base that offers great stability when blending. It is an ideal blender for those thinking of doing soups but you have to be a bit cautious when doing your margaritas so that you do not blend them for too long – otherwise the ice melts.

One noticeable feature with the blendtec is the multitude of buttons on the blender. You have 4-preprogrammed cycles, one touch buttons, and a 5-speed manual control. You can check the remaining blending time through its small LCD screen. The multitude of buttons on the blender ensures you get the right texture when blending.

The blade is a patented one and it is advertised as been 80% thicker than other blades in the market. The blade itself is not sharp rather it is dull and forged from stainless steel. This ensures you do not have to finely cut your ingredients for a smooth blend. The pitcher and blades are designed so that they pull everything to the bottom. This eliminates the need for constant adjustments during blending.

The blender is self-cleaning and ensures you should have a smooth blend in less than 60-seconds. You get two pitchers with the unit – small and large. If you are into pre-programmed options then this is your blender of choice.


  • Strong blades reduce chopping time
  • 4 pre-programmed cycles pulse
  • Complete control of blending time with LCD screen
  • Self-cleaning


  • More pricier than other comparable models.

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5. Hamilton Beach 58148A: Best Budget Blender For Margaritas

The Hamilton beach is a lightweight blender suitable for making margaritas. What we really liked about the unit is its large 700-watt motor that is capable of slashing huge chunks of ice. The unit uses a wave action that enables it pull the mixture down for a fine texture. The blender comes with 12 blending functions that enable you prepare a wide variety of drinks that includes shakes, margaritas, smoothies and other icy drinks.

All the functions of the blender are through its five button interface. The unit weighs 5.62 pounds but you are limited to the black and silver colors. The glass jar has a dripless pouring spout and is dishwasher safe meaning cleaning it is a breeze. On the downside the blender can get a bit noisy during the blending process, and we have experienced cases where some ingredients get stuck among the blades hence hindering blending.


  • Self-cleaning
  • Powerful motor
  • Lightweight
  • Durable glass jar


  • Poorly designed blades.

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6. Wavestation Express: Best Compact Blender For Margaritas

blender for margaritas

This blender comes in a simplistic design and it meant for those who do not want to spend that much on a blender will still having the benefits of enjoying a cold glass of their favorite drinks. The wavestation comes with a 500-watts power source that is just adequate to blend any drinks you put in their 48-oz blender pitcher. It is also dishwasher safe and the plastic components used are BPA certified. You also get patented stainless steel ice sabre blades. During blending, the wavestation uses the wave-action system that ensures that the mixture settles down at the bottom for a smoother blend.


  • Affordable price
  • Wave action system for smooth blends
  • Patented stainless steel ice sabre blades
  • Great performance for its price


  • Issues with spout leaks.

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Buying Guide

Factors to consider when purchasing blender for margaritas

Margaritas come in handy during summer and while it can be expensive and frustrating getting your favorite glass of margarita from your local pub you still have the option of making it yourself at home. When it comes to making the best margaritas you need two crucial ingredients – a killer recipe and a good blender suitable for crushing ice. Here are some top things to be on the lookout for:


The first thing you will need to consider is how many people you are going to be making margaritas for – Are you hosting a party, or are you preparing small drinks for family? While the small blenders maybe the excellent choice for home use due to their ease of cleaning and the fact they consume less space, it also means you will be in constant motion from your kitchen to your living space or backyard as you make multiple glasses of margaritas. The large blenders are often tall and bulky. This makes them excellent for blending for many people but come with the downside of occupying lots of space.

Blender type

You also need to consider the type of blender you are purchasing. Ask yourself – are you purchasing a blender solely for margaritas or do you also want to blend hot soups and smoothies. Blenders specifically designed for margaritas will directly shave the ice before it is mixed with the rest of the ingredients in the pitcher. The kind of ice produced – shaved instead of crushed – is the best for margaritas. Some of the blenders will come with pre-programmed settings that enable you to enjoy a variety of drinks.

Power source

When it comes to blending it is all about the power in the blades. Most of the blenders are electrically controlled instead of using batteries. The battery operated ones are less powerful but come with the benefit of been very portable. You can recharge them using USB cables and use them during camping trips or outdoor activities. If want to blend ice then look for a blender with a power capacity of between 600 to 700 watts – If you can get one with over 1000 watts. The less power been supplied by the motor the more you are left with huge ice chunks in your drink.

Pitcher size

When you are hosting guests in your backyard and are serving margaritas, it is vital that you have a blender with a large pitcher. Most of the pitchers in the market are made from plastic. The glass pitchers are the less common as they break easily but have the advantage of been durable and stain resistant. The plastic ones are light but they tend to crack more easily. For large blenders you will have pitchers with a capacity of 72 ounces or more. The average capacity for the pitchers is often 40 ounces.

Cleaning the blender

Most of the modern blenders now come with self-cleaning options. All you need to do to clean the blender is fill it with soapy water then run a cycle. This will leave your blades clean. During cleaning it is vital you be on the watch-out not to sprinkle any water to the blender motor. This can be a major cause for electrical shocks and can eventually damage your blender. Once you are done cleaning your pitcher, ensure you wipe dry your LCD screens to prevent the buttons from sticking. Also, wrap your cords to prevent accidental dripping and avoid placing your blender near a heat source.


Price is a good consideration when shopping for blenders. It does not make sense to purchase the cheapest blender only for it to break down a few months later. Expensive blenders may come with more features and be more durable but you need to ask yourself why you are purchasing a blender in the first place. Most blenders in the market will come with a one year warranty. Some will cover two or three years. It is vital that you know what the warranty covers before purchase – some warranties cover only the motor while others cover the whole unit.


Margarita blenders are a great way to enjoy cold drinks during warm seasons as you catch up with friends. In our review, we discovered that if you are hosting a large party then the Margaritaville concoction mixer is the best choice. This blender comes with a large ice reservoir that ensures your guests are constantly supplied with frozen drinks. Choosing the right blender for margaritas will largely be determined by the number of people you are hosting for drinks and how much you are willing to spend on a nice blender.


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